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A Very Warm Welcome to Westcountry Music!


Westcountry Music exists to promote the music of Andrew Goddard, either pieces he has arranged or written himself. Full catalogues are included on this site and you can print them off for your records. 
Whilst we originally concentrated on choral music, we have recently spent a great deal of time adding all the piano and instrumental music to our catalogues, and all the catalogues that are now online now show all of our music.
We have now incorporated a great deal of music for piano solo, plus duets, and pieces for piano with bassoon, cello, clarinet, flute and violin, and are now starting an organ series, of which further details will follow in due course. 
Please note that for piano solo music, three for two applies, whereby if you buy two editions at the normal price, you may choose a third free of charge. The cheapest one is free. This applies to orders from within the UK. 
All categories of music are gradually being extended, and new pieces are added to the website catalogues as soon as they are available.
Hard copy catalogues are now also available and always kept up to date, and these can be sent to you with no charge, if they are useful for you.
This year, 2024, is actually the twentieth anniversary of our forming Westcountry Music Ltd, and, as we always have been, we are here to help you and your choir, and don't forget our discount of 10% from the cost of ALL sheet music purchased by choirs who are members of the National Association of Choirs, and this discount also applies to any orders from any UK Church choirs.
Also, all postage is free for orders from the UK. 


We do our very best to ensure that the pieces are well set out and clear, and we try to avoid awkward repeats to minimise what can sometimes be difficult page turning.

We have pieces in many varied styles, included sacred, secular, humorous, serious, romantic, inspirational, fast get up and go pieces, slower ballads and many more. We hope that you will be able to find pieces that your choir will enjoy performing. If not, please let us know what you are looking for by emailing Andrew at



Andrew Goddard

Andrew has always been involved with the musical life of Exeter and is a Fellow of the London College of Music.

The piano is his main instrument, but he is also an organist and when he and Madeleine married he wrote their own wedding march for the occasion. In addition to performing as soloist or accompanist, Andrew has conducted choirs for over thirty years, and is a past president of the Exeter Male Voice Choir.

Andrew has won a number of competitions with his music including the second International Male Voice Choir Festival composing competition in 2005 and the S4C New Christmas Carol composing competition in 2006, in Llangollen.

So far he has written or arranged well over five hundred pieces and there are new pieces being added to the catalogue on a regular basis.

Madeleine Goddard

Madeleine was born in Devon and has lived there all her life.

She started singing at 16 when she joined her local Amateur Operatic Society, and over the years has sung with several operatic societies in the area taking many leading roles. She was also a member of St David’s Players in Exeter for several years, performing Gilbert & Sullivan Shows, as well as singing with Orfeo Opera.

Madeleine has been a guest soloist for the local Male Voice Choirs in Exeter and surrounding area, and is a member of the Exeter Choral Society.

She is Secretary for Westcountry Music and is very proud to be part of her husband’s musical career.

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