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This notice is to help you understand how we collect and use information about you. Should you have any queries regarding this notice please do contact us.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which apply from 25th May 2018 we are fully committed to keeping all personal information totally confidential and secure. For any questions or concerns relating to this Privacy Policy please contact us by post at:

Andrew Goddard, Westcountry Music Ltd, 25 Church Street. Heavitree, EXETER, EX2 5EP

or by e-mail at:


Westcountry Music Ltd publishes music written or arranged by Andrew Goddard.

As such the only information we retain on our records is some or all of:

  • The contact details of individual customers or prospective customers

  • The name of the choir with which an individual is connected

  • The name and address of the choir contact

  • A telephone number

  • An address

  • An e-mail address

These contact details are usually provided to us when a customer is ordering or enquiring about music. Alternatively they may be available in the public domain such as in the annual magazine issued by the National Association of Choirs, of which Westcountry Music Ltd is an associate member, or on their website. Contact details are also usually available on the choirs' websites.


The above data is essential to our business activities. However, please note that this information is kept very securely on our computer systems, which are password protected and have Symantec protection installed, or if in paper form such as on a copy invoice, in a securely locked cabinet.


We do not accept payment by card, and we hold no bank details for anyone on our records. When we receive payment by cheque that cheque is safely banked as soon as practicable and no copy of it is retained on our records.

At no time is any personal information given, handed, transferred, copied, passed or sold to any other individual or organisation. Also, we will never allow your information to be used by any third party organisation for marketing or research purposes.



We would like to be able to use your personal information for marketing, by e-mail or post. We do not issue marketing information on a regular basis but possibly once a year or so, and this can include information regarding the progress of Westcountry Music Ltd, and to notify new pieces that are available on our online catalogue, or to notify you of any new services.


You have:

The right to be informed - of our data processing activities.

The right of access - to your personal information we hold about you. Please note, any request for this information must be made in writing.

The right of rectification - we will immediately correct any inaccurate personal information about you that we hold.

The right to erasure and to restrict processing - you may have your personal data erased, but please bear in mind that this may hinder or prevent our ability to provide music services to you.

The right to object - you may object to your personal data being used for marketing purposes.

The right of withdrawal of consent - where you have provided your specific consent to our use of your personal data, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.


Any complaints about how we use your personal information should be made to us in writing, at the contact details shown at the top of this Privacy Policy.

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