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We now have a brand new website that replaces the previous one which we have now grown out of, and there will be further improvements as time goes on. We have tried to make ordering music from our website as easy as possible.

To order music click on the appropriate tab from the lower line of tabs at the top of the Home page, for example, Christmas Choral Music, Piano Music, or music for various instruments with Piano accompaniment, and lots in between.

As soon as you click on the tab a catalogue of music will appear, in alphabetical order, and if you then choose which type of music you require from the selections on the left of the page i.e. Male, Mixed or Ladies Choir music, the catalogue changes to the music just for your selected type of choir.

Please note that our Catalogue Numbers are three letters and five numbers, (for example, VCT-10253) with occasionally other letters at the end. Please note that our website calls them SKU numbers, not Catalogue Numbers!

If you are happy to order an item you can click on the ‘Add to Cart’ tab and the music will be added to your Cart. You can continue shopping if you need more items in the same manner as above. When you have completed your purchases the Cart will have been updated with all your chosen pieces, and you will be asked for your contact details including your e-mail address, and this information is held securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy (please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’ tab for full details). We NEVER pass your details to third parties and we do not start bombarding you with e-mails, and certainly not advertising!

Second class postage is included within the prices shown for the music for orders from the UK. We do not ask for payment up front, and the copies you order are sent to you with an invoice and we ask that you pay within fourteen days. There is more information about this under our ‘Terms & Conditions’ tab.

We offer discounts in certain cases, and these are NOT picked up by this ordering system. However, when the invoice is prepared any applicable discounts will be shown in full for your information and allowed appropriately.

We give a 10% discount from any choral music ordered for a Choir that is a member of the National Association of Choirs, (NAC) and it is therefore important that you answer the questions regarding the name of the Choir with which you are connected and whether they are members of the NAC. We also compare the name of the Choir to the list in the latest NAC’s Yearbook just to ensure we have not missed a discount that should have been given.

In addition to the above, we will also give a 10% discount from all music, including Christmas music, ordered by any Church Choir, as long as we have the details of the Choir concerned.

With regard to piano music, if in respect of Piano Solo editions three or more are ordered at the same time, we will give a 10% discount from the full order.

We will e-mail you to confirm receipt of orders and to confirm when the order is processed and posted, so we do try to keep you informed as much as possible, throughout.

Please also check out the tabs for ‘Terms & Conditions’, ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘What’s New’ and ‘Contact Us’, for further information, and under the ‘Listen’ tab there are some examples of choral pieces from our catalogues for you to listen to.

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